Spar Leopardstown

The Celtic Tiger has a lot to answer for according to Noel Kenny, owner and manager of the popular Spar Convenience Store in Leopardstown. Back in the boom, lighting engineers and experts were brought in to create a uniform and stunning lighting experience in all the Spar retail outlets, but at the expense of high energy bills.

‘The lighting looked great but everything about them was very expensive from the bulbs to the fixtures,’ says Noel. ‘Moreover, we only got 5000 hours from each bulb which was disappointing as we now expect ten times that from modern, quality LED bulbs’

Noel understood that the market had moved on and began to explore other options. At the height of his bills, he was paying out in excess of €3000 per month on energy. ‘That is a lot of money and when I saw that LED could slash my costs by a third, or even a half, I knew it was a no brainer to investigate alternatives.’

Noel went to market and set up a three way competitive tender process. He rejected the first two on the basis of lack of knowledge and inexperience. However, the third, Get Solutions really impressed him through a combination of energy expertise, a proven track record and sound customer referrals.

‘I had been warned off cowboy institutions and so it was satisfying to meet a company that not only knew what they were doing but they also could point me to other successful installations. That gave me peace of mind,’ says Noel.

The entire cost of the refit was in the order of €20,000. As Charlie Grendon, managing director of Get Solutions, explained his company is working with AIB who can provide low cost loans with interest rates of 4.5%.

‘While Noel was not even a customer of AIB, through our strong relationship with AIB Noel was able to secure the low cost, low hassle loan. Despite borrowing a large sum, the return on investment is budgeted for 2.2 years,’ says Charlie. ‘After that, the savings all accrue back to Noel directly.’

As Noel was very pleased with the service offered by Get Solutions, he also placed his energy procurement with the same company. ‘I trust them and they save me significant money, so it made sense to place all my energy business in one place,’ says Noel.