HVAC - Limescale Protection

The magnetic scale transformer with vitalization must not be attached to a galvanized iron pipe, but only via a non-magnetic part (copper, brass, plastic, stainless steel ...) of the main pipe, e.g. via the screw connections on the water meter. The diameter of the pipeline may be smaller than the inside diameter of the scale transformer. The magnetic scale transformer with vitalization must be closed, the metal surfaces inside must be in direct contact with each other. The direction of flow of the water through the magnetic scale transformer with vitalization is not specified. 

Satisfied Customers

For more than a decade, magnetic has been carrying out regular, practice-oriented long-term trials under the supervision of cities, municipalities, communes, offices and public institutions. The tests are carried out nationwide with different types of tap water compositions. All tests gave one result: 100% protection of the pipes and the hot water preparation against calcification! This gives the end consumer and the trade the necessary security.

How you will experience safety and save money:

Worries about dangerous damage belong to the past with the magnetic scale transformer with vitalisation. Your plumber will be pleased to advise you about the working mode and its success. 

  • Your pipes and the heating system will be reliably protected against limescale

  • Rust problems and pitting are permanently combated

  • Do without a water decalcifier in the washing machine. Dose the washing powder for hardness range 1

  • Do without aggressive and health-damaging cleaning agents and protect your bathroom and kitchen furniture, accessories and appliances

  • Longer service life of your household appliances