Heat Recovery

JV Utilities introduces sanitized air, guaranteeing a purified environment inside the home, in the office or any place that needs a healthy microclimate. Prevent mould, moisture disintegrates over 90% of harmful bacteria in the recovered air. Also, over 50% disintegrates yeast, pollen, and other allergens contained in the air. 

Heat Recovery Unit with Air Sanitation 

  • Ventilating unit with DC motor 

  • 90% reduction in heat losses 

  • PVC shockproof telescopic body 

  • Ceramic heat exchanger with efficiency >90% 

  • Photo catalytic system 

  • G3 filter 

  • Flow rectifier to grant higher performances 

  • Wireless and hard-wired versions 

  • Temperature. Brightness and humidity sensors 

  • Master and slave arrangements